Marketing Tour Meetings

Next Meeting:

Thursday, February 2 at 9 a.m.
Ridgemark Golf Club & Resort

Marketing Tour Meetings are conducted every Thursday of each month (excluding holidays). The meetings begin at 9 a.m. Deadline for placing a home on the tour list is 3:00 p.m. Tuesday.

Marketing Meeting Home Tour Policy

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1. The purpose of the Marketing Meeting is to promote new listings, advice of significant changes on existing listings, exchange essential information as it applies to listings and sales of property, tour properties, and allow the affiliate membership to inform the participants of changes in their products and services.

2a. A Realtor® in good standing of MLSListings and/or another Association of Realtors® may place a listing within our county tour area on the weekly tour by paying a $60.00 “per listing” fee or becoming a marketing meeting only member for an annual fee of $130.00; this gives the member the ability to place listings on the tour, as well as the option of attending other functions of the Association, for the full year. Fees will be paid prior to any homes being placed on tour.

2b. A Realtor® in good standing of MLSListings and/or another Association of Realtors® may participate in the caravan of home tours and attend the marketing meeting; however, they may not announce any listings information, price reductions, etc. at the meeting forum.

3. The marketing meetings and tour shall be conducted on every Thursday of each month (excluding holidays). The meeting shall begin promptly at 8:30 am at the designated location.

4. Members may not call in or show the listings of non-members.

5. A member may have up to two listings on tour per week.

6. Each office will be allowed only four listings per week. If the tour is not full and there are additional listings waiting to be on tour from those offices that have their maximum (4) number of homes on tour, then additional homes from those offices may be placed on tour on a rotating basis.

7. Listings to be placed on tour are to be called in to the Association Office no earlier than Friday morning at 9:00 a.m. (week preceding the tour) and no later than 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday (preceding the Thursday tour). Only one house may be placed on tour per phone call and must be called in by the listing agent or one designated representative of that agent. No reservations will be accepted by fax, message on voice mail, or e-mail. You must speak with an Association staff and get a verbal confirmation of being on the tour. If the tour is full, you will be placed on a waiting list for that tour only. If at 9:00 am on the day prior to tour, the tour is not full maximum of (12 properties); each office will be allowed an additional listing. If Listings placed on tour in the following areas, San Juan Bautista, San Juan Canyon, Cienega Valley, South of Bolado Park and Aromas a maximum of (8 properties) will be scheduled for tour that week. This will be on a first come, first serve basis.

8. All listings on tour must be represented at tour by either the listing agent or a designated Marketing Meeting Member. A listing not represented in this manner will be deleted from the tour. It is the listing agent’s responsibility to reschedule their listings on tour.

9. No property may be placed on tour more than once in a six-month period. This also applies to those properties with a change in listing office during this period of time.

10. New construction will not be placed on tour until completed to the point the property is ready for floor coverings and the walkways and/or driveways have been installed.

11. Tours are for residential and commercial properties. Bare land and properties available for lease only will not be accepted for regular tours.

12. No property, outside the 20-mile radius within our service area will be accepted for tour. Those wishing to have out of area properties seen may make an announcement of invitation at the tour meeting. Touring of these properties shall be optional and after the regular tour.

13. All participants who start the tour must complete the tour. Those Realtors® who have homes on the tour MUST complete the tour or may be subject to a fine; *** The fine schedule is based on a 12 month period of time from the first offense: First offense: $50.00; Second offense: $100.00; Third offense: $200.00; Fourth offense: $400.00. The fine continues to double from the previous fine. (The fine also applies to HOST agent who does not complete the tour while covering for a Listing Agent.)

14. Common courtesy is the rule of thumb. Try to stay together during the caravan, and take some time to view each home. Please do not open another agent’s home without their permission.

15. The agenda of the marketing meeting shall be as follows:

    • a. Flag Salute
    • b. Introductions
    • c. Acknowledgments
    • d. Board Announcements or Updates
    • e. Thought Forum
    • f. Lender Announcements
    • g. Affiliate Announcements
    • h. Wants and Needs
    • i. New Listings (on MLSListings not on tour)
    • j. Coming Soon (on MLSListings)
    • k. Changes on Old Listings (on MLSListings)
    • l. Sales
    • m. Home of the Week
    • n. MLSListings Weekly Statistics
    • o. Tour

16. Sales are to be announced by the listing agent. In the absence of the listing agent, the selling agent may announce this information. Reporting of office sales will not be allowed.

17. No pocket listings or properties on waiver shall be discussed at the marketing meeting.

18. Only properties listed on MLSListings can be discussed at the marketing meeting.

19. Members are to restrict their pitches to only real estate related subjects and to keep their comments brief.

20. Members are to announce only price or significant changes of the property when promoting listings.

21. Responses to the Wants and Needs session are to be held outside the regular tour meeting. Agents announcing Wants and Needs should give their name, company and phone number for responses.

22. Members displaying flyers are reminded to pick up all remaining literature prior to leaving for tour.

23. All Realtor® members can vote on Home of the Week. Home of the Week is defined as the most marketable home in terms of price, condition and location. Homes in escrow are not eligible for Home of the Week.

24. Home of the Week signs are available at the Association office. It is the responsibility of the Agent winning Home of the Week to obtain the sign and personally return it to the Association office within two weeks of signing for the sign. Agents that do not return the sign within 14 days will be fined ten dollars ($10.00) for each week that the sign is not returned, with a maximum of twenty dollars ($20.00).

25. Advertising of issues, products et cetera not directly associated with SAN BENITO COUNTY ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® or real estate, requires prior Association approval.

*This policy statement shall be strictly enforced and violations shall be subject to fines.